Saturday, August 14, 2010


i had a yard/craft sale today in our front one bought any of the crafts.i was even saying ill take offers but still no bites.we also barely sold any of our yard sale and mom made 10 dollars and i made 18.that was from 9 am to 12:30 it kinda sucks.we are going to donate the rest of the things we im slightly annoyed today.i also just found out ssi will not concider my dental work a reson to be takeing the money out of my account.i dont get that its not like im getting my teeth whitened or anything.i am getting cavitys filled.cavitys which were caused by the years of me being on medication.the medication the insurance covers and ssi pays the little amount out thats left.they consider that a must do.yet my teeth are not a must have done know if you have tooth problems it can cause pysical health how is it not a need thing for me to get my teeth filled.if they get infected then ill gets sick and if they get real bad and need pulled and arent pulled ill get sick and be in real pain.does this make any sense to any of your people?so now iv gotta figuer out how im gonna get all my teeth work done. i am going to be broke and owe my parents money for a long time if they pay for sure they will though cuse they know i need it done.its still fucked up to me though that they say this isnt a needed expense.

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