Thursday, June 3, 2010


bad day had to make an apointment for me to do to the dentist last this morning i went.i had to have three teeth drilled and filled and one tooth surgicaly removed.i already knew i needed these ones done but we had to do it quicker than i thought we would becuase the one that needed removed started a gum infection around it.the drilling and filling wasnt that bad but when it came to removeing the tooth it suck.he couldnt pry it out but he tryed.then he cut in the gum very minor to loosen it up and still couldnt get it out.he saw when he was probing that the roots were tangled and looped was like right up against the tooth on other was also in the jaw bone.he had to cut the tooth in half then remove one half then he had to cut the gum more to remove the other half which was still hard for him to the time he was cutting the tooth in half it was really didnt hurt when he cut the gums but when he was pulling on the tooth halves it hurt.thankfully it came out though without alot of other work done.i had to get stiched up where he cut now im sore swollen and my gum has been bleeding alot.its not bleeding as bad now as it had been but its still bleeding.i couldnt eat dinner cuse i cant chew my mouth hurts to i ate pudding instead.then i ate some apple sauce.i havent eaten all day today besides then.iv not really been hungrey though.oh i watched i robot today after i came home.pretty good movie for a science fiction was weird becuase will smith was supposed to be a robot to i guess.cuse see when he got hurt on the arm you saw metal parts.i dont really understand that but it was cool.

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