Tuesday, June 1, 2010


my sister and i had a surprise babrbequw for mom and dad.my eldist sister and i went out and bought all the food.we got chicken legs chick breasts pork chops corn and mustard potatoe salad.she also had a couple of pork steaks at her house she knew wasnt enough for her and the three kids so shed no fix them so she brought them over to.everything we got we got for the cheapest we could find.we got a big pakage of pork chops for 9 dollars.it had like 7 pound of pork chops in it.so really that was a good price.the chicken legs were on sale to.they were in the reduced meat section.since we were gonna cook almost all of them and then toni would take them home and freeze the rest till next time she was gonna cook them it was a good deal for the pakage we got.the chicken breasts were kinda expensive but not as expensive as they could of been for the 10 chicken breats we got.the corn was 19 cents a peice and it was the full corn on the cob not the chopped in half ones.ok so they had to be shucked of there outer shell and cooked longer but they were much cheaper than buying the pakages of the half corns.we got some hotdogs two pakages for 88 cents off the reduced section.those were all cooked and all but a few were eaten and those were just let here for us to eat.the potatoe salad was the only thing not on sale.but yeah it was nice.i called my other sister and her husband up and they were surprised we were gonna do that.they brought tea for us to drink.when mom and dad got home they were like why is everyone here.we were like we are haveing a family barbeque as a surprise for memorial day for you guys.they were plesantly surprised.we enjoyed our meal of the food we got.there was lots of talking after words.wwe didnt talk about anything in perticular just a bunch of differnt things.but it was a nice day to do this.hope everyone else had a great memorials day

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