Thursday, June 10, 2010


night before last my sister had a big problem at her apartment.her tolit over flowed and kept pooring water out it soacked her carpet in her hallway and the babies room and her room and went some into the kitchen.aparently a pipe had broke and other apartments in the same area were getting the same problem.she had to turn the water to the tolit off so it would quit.well she called our sister who is close by her and they cleaned up the water as best they could.still the carpet was sister had to call the manger and they were all oh well its a broken pipe we will get it fixed.she told them her carpet was soaked and she couldnt get all the water out.they said theyd get a clean up person to clean it.well yesterday since they hadnt brought anyone to start cleaning it up she called the higher ups.the higher ups didnt even know it had they said theyd put her up in a hotel room for the next couple days and that theyd tear the carpet out and foam underneath it till they were at the concrete floor.then they said they would clean up any water that was there and they would put mold treatment down.that they would replace all the carpeting and foam under the carpet.they are doing this for everyone who had the problem.not all of them are getting put up in apartments though.i dont know why she is maybe becuase shes pregnant and has a small child.they might be worried that if any sickness happens to her little girl she can blame it on the mold in there and them dust from them tearing the carpet up while they lived there or something.they probably worry if there is any birth defect to the baby she can blame it on that and sue big time.becuase aprently all there doing for the other aprtments is pulling up the worst soaked areas of carpet and cleaning the that could cause mold for those yeah its not a good thing.anyway my sister isstaying in a hotel and the aparments are paying for it.this hotel has a pool and they alow pets and they have a fridge and microwave and cable tv and free breakfast.its a one of our better hotels in town.unfortunatly it costs 100 a night.yes thats right 100 a night.but hey shes not paying for it so she dont care.

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