Sunday, May 23, 2010


went to grants farm today with the hole family.we enjoyed that but got very was 90 degrees by the time we left.we rode the tram and saw all the animals you can see that can get close to the tram and if you dont lean away your might touch one if there that close.we saw other animals there and saw an elaphant show.i remember last year when imbev took over anhisor busch.they were going to close grants farm but the goverment stepped in and said they couldnt close the one area that the tram goes through at least.they said that becuase it has animals that are endangered there.they have this type of deer in that area you can only find in wild life preserves. they also have other animals that are endangered in the goverment classified that part as a wild life cant be closed becuase you pay to park in the parking lot and that pays for the gas for the tram and the food and care for those animals in there.obviously you pay for food and drinks when inside the park which also goes to that but if they closed the other part of the park you walked through and saw shows and junk they would only have the money from parking.its a wildlife preserve in ways becuase the animals are free roaming in that area but it is also like a zoo becuase they take care of the animals feed them give them medical attention when one of the busches who owned anhisor busch took over grants farm and kept the walk through part glad they did that because you can go there and see other animals that they keep in certain other areas you have to walk can feed goats and other animals as can watch the bird show and the elaphant show to.its a very nice place to go with kids cuse they learn things about the animals and get to see them do tricks instead of just see them in areas doing nothing like at the zoo.its great for adults to because in the courtyard where you go sit and eat and drink they give each person over 21 two beers free if they want they get to see the animals to.its nice to go there for the hole all in all today was a great day

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