Monday, June 14, 2010

an etsy seller never to buy from

dont buy from hollywoodrings. when you ask her to show you proof that her rings are real silver or gold she gives you attitude and says i said they are so they are.she wont show the little stamp on them and she wont show a certificate of authenticity so i think there fake.any seller who wont show proof that they are real and give you attitude when you ask for it is more than likely selling fake shit.i told her if she didnt show me it was i would asume it was all fake and i would tell everyone i know not to buy from her becuase she is selling fake goods.she contacted me again and said they are silver and gold becuase i say they dont have to have proof they are becuase i say they are and i dont lie.dont contact me with her attitude and the fact she wont show me the proof id say there fake.i mean i wanted to buy a ring from her and simply asked her to show me proof it realy was what she said it was.she got attitudy and said they are becuase i said they are.yes i told her if she didnt show me proof for that one that i would assume its fake and then id tell everyone i know shes selling fake junk saying its real.she said as above tell me if you got that attitude from a seller when your asking about something that you arent gonna see there stuff as fake.i mean it be simple for her to show me pic of letter of authiticity or a picture of inside stamp on ring.instead she gave me an attitude.any seller who is going to do that shows to me that her stuff is fake and she is passing it off as real to try and get good money from if any of you have friends with etsy account or you have one dont buy from her and tell all your friends not to buy from her.shes a scam artist

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