Friday, May 7, 2010


went to the dentist today got my teeth cleaned and a full mouth exray and three teeth filled and a jaw tooth on top that was impacted cut out.. my gums are very healthy they say and my teeth were very clean before they cleaned them so they know i take care of them.the thing is all my teeth have cavitys in them. there all begining gonna wait till next month to get more filled. dentist said it will take years for the ones iv got to get bad becuase i take care of my teeth but its better to fix it when you can. its not good to wait till its real bad cuse then it could be to late.they said there gonna have to remove two more wisdom teeth one on left side of bottom jaw one on right side of bottom going to do those at differnt times so not my hole mouth be numb at one said this is medication caused that many medications do this.that if the meds im takeing helps me not to try and get on others becuase i might get on another that will do it and it wont work as well for me as the ones im already on.i paid 448 today for the teeth i got done and the exray and the teeth cleaning and full mouth look through.for all the teeth to be done its going to cost me 2 thousand some odd sucks to be haveing this type of problems mouth is so sore from the hole mouth check through cleaning drilling and filling and getting the one cut out.i hate it but i guess this is what im meant to have happen to me at this point of my life.anyway this is something i wanted to tell people about. now those who read this listen to me if you can prevent getting cavitys then do it. clean your teeth floss them use mouth wash. you dont want cavitys they suck. those with children who are smaller but are brushing there own teeth you need to watch them becuase i told the dentist about how when i was little it hurt to get my teeth cleaned. he said thats becuase all the kids he has seen in all his practicing years dont brush there teeth very well. theyll get one spot and say there should watch them do it. let them do it but make sure there doing it if you dont watch them do it check there mouths later on.look to see if they still got gunk in there them by teaching them how to do it the end it will help them out by keeping them from getting cavitys young. then maybe theyll know how to take care of there teeth real good when older and itll keep it from happening.just show them this post and they will see its not fun getting cavitys.mine are from a differnt reason but still its not fun. its painful when you have them and painful when they been drilled and filled and it is even worse when they been taken are left with a holw in your gums where that tooth bleeds for a while and you have to keep gauze in it. you cant eat on that side for a long time and you have to use warm salt water to rinse it out by swishing it in your mouth at that area. plus you have to be careful about brushing your teeth there becuse you dont want to hurt it. if you dont do these things itll get innfected and that will hurt real bad. youll have to get on antibiotics and have other things done to your mouth.its not take care of your mouth you do not want to be in the shoes im in now if you can prevent it. im only 24 to be 25 come july so you guys know. so no im not an old person and these problems are not an older persons problems sucks youll hate it if you get in my shoes. so be careful with your teeth brush them thourghly floss them and use mouth wash. brush your gums as well becuase gunk gets stuck in your gums and that can cause cavitys to. so brushing them can get the gunk out of the gums.anyway this has been my day and will be my day again come next month and the month after.

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