Tuesday, May 11, 2010


went out of town to the town of washington missouri today with mom.washington is a bigger town but not really classified as a city.i brought 22 dollars with me and bought a bunch of junk with it.i bought a indian head bust figurine and a wallet for my eldist sisters christmas,i bought a shirt for my oldest neices christmas,i bought a little musical toy for my littlest neices birthday it is shaped like a radio and it has buttons that when you push them music starts playing its cute.i bought for dad an eagle figurine for his birthday.its very nice looking. for myself i bought a large purse to replace one of my other large purses.this one has long straps so i can put it on my shoulder the other im replacing it with i have to carry in my hand.i found myself some chocolate scented lotion and i found a jack the ripper book.i still had a bunch of change leftover.i at least had a dollar 50 in loose change left.so i did really well today with 22 dollars. i got this stuff from good will and a really large consignment store.goodwill's prices are kinda high on some things but sometimes you find something and its cheap enough so you got to get it.i got the shirt and the musical toy there. the rest i got from the consignment shop.the consignment shop had good things for yard sale prices. it is a huge store.im sure the mercahdise in there changes constintly.all in all i did good with my shopping.i actualy put a dent in my christmas shopping and didnt have to spend a shit pot load plus i had some money for me.im happy.i havent had a day with just me and mom doing something together in a long time.this was nice. she found things she needed and wanted to get other people to for cheap.so today went well.i hope everyone else had a great day today even if they worked.

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