Monday, May 3, 2010


we did my eldist sisters birthday party.she enjoyed all the things we got her. she started playing the cd mom got her and she put on the necklace i gave her.she loves the other sister is deffinitly pregnant with her second child. she told everyone the news at the im excited about eldest sisters 3 kids looked at all the presents we got there mom and thought they were cool. the necklace was really cool they thought.they asked me where i got it and i said i got it off etsy that is a site people sell handmade my sister was like this is like well id think so because the rule on the site is you have to sell handmade things supplies for making things or vintage/antique items.she really liked the necklace and said she would definitely wear it to places. her work she has to dress more nice she cant wear grungy jeans and teeshirts and stuff. she has to wear nicer clothes good shirts and good pants and she said she could wear that to work sometimes. she said the best thing is no one else in town would have that necklace.the necklace is a profile picture of a native american metal pendant on a chain.its really my sister enjoyed all the things she got

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