Saturday, May 22, 2010

ghost whisperer cancled really?

iv heard rumors that episode 22 of season 5 was the last episode of the ghost whisperer series.i dont like that idea.its a good show.its one of the few good shows on tv that are not reality or talk shows or not into reality and very few talk shows get me and i dont like the question is is it true they cancled it?if so whats going to take its place?i hope not a stupid realty show.if it is im not watching cbs anymore and i know a bunch of other people who wont ether.reality shows are stupid i am tired of them.i like shows like ghost whisperer that have actors and charecters you like and have storylines you like that have people actualy acting as if they are the charecter.reality shows have none of that.the idea of most reality shows suck.i want more good acted tv shows on tv.i want something else like ghost whisperer to take ghost whisperer's place if it really is going off the air.something with action and chair gripping suspence and good story lines and good actors and charecters you like one that the hole family can watch.i dont mean a cartoon ether but something with real people acting as charecters.ghost whisperer is all these it really be nice to have another show with those qualities in its place.who else thinks that ghost whisperer being cancled is a crappy idea?who else wants a show on tv in its place as iv described?maybe we can get cbs to see what we want.maybe people can start writeing to cbs and tell them how we feel and what we would like in the place of ghost whisperer

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