Wednesday, May 12, 2010


this morning was not a good morning for us in my 2 a bad storm came through real strong winds lots of thunder lightening hail and heavy sounded like we were getting a we turned on the radio on our local station and they said to get into an interior room becuase there was a tornado warning for our thats what we did. we staid in our hallways with the doors closed for about an hour.then it all was calmer not as bad so we went to bed again.later mom got woke up by sherriff at the door.he told my mom my grandpa had been found on the side of the highway.he had run out of gas when he was heading to a cousin of moms who lives near grandpa. grandpa had went the complete oppisite direction to the guys house and got lost.he was a couple hours away from there the cops took him into the station and told other cops about it so they could get ahold of the they told mom and mom called the police station he was waiting at.he was stubborn and just said he was going there and got lost its no big deal and he didnt get why they took him there cuse he hadnt done anything wrong.he told her that cousin was comeing to get him.she called this cousin and he didnt know it happened but when they were on the phone the police came to his door and told him as well.he told mom hed go get grandpa and bring him yeah our morning was crappy.

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