Tuesday, May 18, 2010


one thing is my littlest is neice is 17 months old today.i can barely believe shes this big already.another thing is my dad got a job.he will work as a security gaurd for some place.i hope he can do it.he has copd and emphazema and he couldnt do the last job he had so he quit.he tried to get on disability but they denied him.so he says if he cant do this job which its going to be fairly easy that then hes going to get a lawyer and fight for it.he says then the courts would actually look at it and probably give him it since he could show hed had two jobs and couldnt do them and one was fairly easy.hes mostly going to be riding a truck around the building and walking some inside to when hes working.im happy hes got the job.he had only went for the interveiw today and right afterwords they called our house thinking it was a cell number and told my mom to tell him he got the job and to call them back.when dad got home he called them back.they just wanted certain information so they could run a background test.they said theyd get ahold of him about training soon.so today has been a great day becuase of this.

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