Saturday, April 3, 2010


today went on a easter egg hunt with kids. we went to a local church that was doing it.abi the 6 year old she enjoyed it she got a butt load of eggs. scarlet is only 15 months she didnt understand and had to be helped. they did it in age groups each at separate times and 10 minutes after the last one happened so if parents had separate age groups they could see all them and help the younger ones.but at the easter egg hunt they had free food and they had puppets singing songs to priase the lord and the puppets danced to that was all before the egg hunt. scarlet was mesmerized by the puppets singing and danceing.just before they did the hunt they did a little play of the Romans beating Jesus and them putting him on the cross. someone was dressed as Mary and there were other people there and they were singing would you take his place and how he forgave us and we were saved because of was a good play.the people who did it had to of been in early teens.but it was a nice day all in all. the eldist neice and her brother went they didnt hunt eggs but they ate the free food watched the puppet thing and the little play and watched the little ones do the egg hunt. they enjoyed it.

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