Monday, March 29, 2010


went to gym tonight. enjoyed that worked out for a good hour.used the elliptical but couldn't do it for more than 2 minutes at a time then stop and do something else a while then go back to it.did alot of different things in the sister and her eldest two kids came with us. but my 13 year old nephew is not going back. he played with all the equipment.he wouldnt stop. hed push all the buttons on one machine do it for a short time then go to the next machine and do it all again.we kept telling him if he didn't understand how to use it to ask someone not to play with it.he wouldnt listen. then he played with one machine and the knob on the handle you pull to move the machine a little he twisted off. we got it twisted back on but we left after that. probably would of staid longer if he wouldn't of done no hes definitely not going back. we cant afford to pay for equipment if he breaks it.he shouldn't play with it as we have told him.but i got a good workout today at the gym. it was fun besides the fact of the boy acting up. he might go back to go in there pool but i doubt he'll be going back on the equipment for a long long time

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