Sunday, April 4, 2010


well i had a wonderful easter this was a great day but tireing. we did an egg hunt for the littler kids but the baby was confused still. we ate and the older three kids played kickball with me and my sister and her husband. i was on the team of the older two kids and my sister and her husband got the 6 year old.i ran around the bases about 5 times and ran to catch the ball alot to when i was in the feild. our yard is big so the bases were spaced out nicely. so it was a good amount of running.we kept haveing to doge the 15 soon to be 16 month old. she kept walking in the line of fire. so people gave those who were running a break if the baby was right there cuse they couldnt really run cuse she was in the way.alot of the times we just picked her up and ran with those who had the baby didnt get tagged they were just let go around the bases. she played in the sandbox but she got the sand all over the ground.she seemed to enjoy her day. she fell asleep just before my sister and her husband left. my other sister and her three kids hung out and talked for a long time.i talked with the oldest girl. im worried about her. she is dateing a boy of a family whose very close to my sisters family so the kids are alone alot. so you know why im worried about it. i didnt say anything about sex with her i just hinted you need to be careful with this boy. and its not hard to stay a virgin.i dont know if she got the picture or if shell listen.i hope she doesnt make a mistake and end up pregnant at a young age.that will just mess her life up. besides you guys know how short a relationship is between teenagers. dateing a full week and not anymore the next week kinda thing.i dont want her to do something and get her heart broken or to end up with a kid and just regretting what she did then.i am 24 to be 25 and am a virgin. it has been hard but its possible to be waiting for the right be sure hes mine and mine be sure this is gonna last a long time if not forever.but today was a great easter between all the food and the games and the talking

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