Sunday, March 28, 2010


ok so now im pissed off at some people who are friends of hydes.ok the one jay and i got in a disagrement he doesnt agree with underage dateing
im fine he can not like it but im fine with it and i told him i think its fine at age 16 to date its not like were liveing in the 18 hundreds or before then when people didnt date just married. he called me a bitch and so im not talking to him. his friend paige gets on all ass like with me and says im being a bitch for not talking to him im showing my ass.and i simply said i was not a bitch i disagred he was a dick and i have every right to not talk to him. he says stuff like well your being an ass. and im like no bigger an ass than he was and your acting right now. so he called me a bitch and threatened to tell hyde and delete me becuase im just being to big a problem. im like im not being a problem im just stateing how i can feel your way ill feel my way and you aint met bitch me nor has jay ask hyde about bitch me and show him this convo he can tell
you i was very nice for being very pissed off at you. and now so you know im not going to talk to you for a while. might talk to jay tomorrow if he wants to talk and is being nice but you i dont think i will for a long while becuase i dont want to.. last statement of his was bitch

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