Sunday, January 3, 2010


so i just finished one of the greatest books iv ever read. it is called the healer it is by sharon sala you can find it on amazon. well see its about this guy who can heal people by laying his hands on them. a auro surronds him and the person and the person gets healed the air will get thick and you cant move if your near him and watching him do it. the guy can also talk to animals he can make a wild cougar role over on its belly and him scratch its belly. now this guy he healed someone 10 years ago who would of died the dude had been attacked by a grizzly and was all torn up so the healer healed him and saved his life now this guy is rich and is after him he wants to be made immortal by the guy cuse he thinks if the healer is around him if anything happens he can be healed from it and live forever.well this guy hires people do go after the healer and bring him to him he kills the healers father and kidnaps him but the healer gets away do to animal help anyway hes still after the healer the healer gets in a small town and finds and falls in love with a woman who has no family she has a stalker which he has to help her take care of then of coarse the hunters the man hires to get him are still after him so he will have to protect her from them. this book has some romance in it and a little bit of sex scenes but not graphic ones in it.the book will make you not want to ever put it down. it is wonderful youll love it as soon as you begin reading it. this is a must read book

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