Sunday, January 3, 2010

1/3/10 part 2

ok i have to write about myself now but i also had to tell about that book. my ex fiance now friend and i had a problem i wont get into it he just said he doesnt know if we should talk again which this hurts alot. i was thinking we might get back together but now im not sure of what will happen. my best friend is haveing some problems he knows he doesnt have much time left with the one he loves 5 years maybe but i cant say how he knows. im hopeing it doesnthappen but i am praying he is able to accept it and enjoy ever day he has with the one he loves. i got a bunch of bookmarks as a free sample that i had ordered a long time ago. i hadnt thought id ever ge them. they were some free sample from anyway it was only supposed to be 20 bookmarks but i got like 40 or more so the gift was to go to my bro in law as a part of his christmas present so i gave him half of them becuase i didnt think hed want 40 or more bookmarks so im gonna keep the rest and put them in books when i trade them for other things on my trade site

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