Saturday, December 26, 2009


so yesterday was christms. i had a wonderful day. i was very anxious and hyper. those were a mix between it being christmas and waiting for everyone to come and us eat and do presents and the fact id ate alot of fudge. i was more happy giveing gifts than i was recieving them although it was nice to of gotten the things i got. i got a book 3 dvds soap shampoo conditioner beads and a flash drive card. those were all great things to of gotten one of the dvds i watched today and it kinda sucked but i watched another today as well and it was cool. but anyway scarlet who is 1 year old she did not like it at all. everytime someone tried to get her to open a present she got mad. she didnt want to do it what so ever. my neice abi whos 6 got our dog queenie a present since it is queenies birthday as well. queenie got some tasty bones she took one and hid it immediatly somewere to chew on another time. my neices and nephews loved what i got them including the neice who got some stuff i had gotten as free samples. my sisters and my one sisters husband all liked what i gave them. dad got a dvd from me that was a free sample it debunked myths about bullets he watched that today.i gave mom a black shawl which she liked and i gave her a magnetic bracelet but she wont use that but hey i sister honor squealed when she got the wizard of oz barbie dolls from me then again when she got the other two from mom.. i was very happy with what i got and i began to make a necklace that night with some of the beds i had received. i waited to do that until after scarlet was gone becuase she would of crawled over to my bead boxes which were open and of gotten all into them. like any baby would do. i have learned over this year of being around scarlet that i will never have a child. i cant handle them id hurt them. id probably kill myself or someone else if i got pregnant cuse i wouldnt be able to take my meds i need. so no kids for me i get preggers im haveing an abortion. now dont start sending me comments saying oh my god thats murder and stuff i know alot of people dont agree with it iv heard all the things before but i agree with it in certain cases if the woman was unable to handle being pregnant and would hurt herself or other cuse of mental problems she may have i think if she was being careful and still got pregnant she should have every right to abort the child just like if itll kill the mom to carry a child in her womb then abort it or if it is obvious from things in the womb the child will have a debilitating desies that will leave it in pain the rest of its life if it has a long life then i agree abort the child. i dont agree with it if the problem is fixable or if its just gonna have some mental problems and i dont agree with women haveing sex and not being careful and getting pregnant and haveing abortions and just keep doing the same things. thats just wrong. anyway my christmas was wonderful. i hope everyone else has had the happiest of holidays. HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEARS

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  1. has the right to tell you what's right for YOU. That's why they call it "the right to choose". Each woman gets to decide what's right for her...and you have very valid reasons why it may not be right for you.

    You may feel differently down the road, but ultimately it's your choice and ppl need to respect that.

    I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas...and kudos to you for enjoying the spirit of giving!

    Happy New Year's to you as well!