Tuesday, January 5, 2010


my nephew jacobus has apendasidus. it hasnt burst yet but its about to. he has to get surgery tonight for it.my sister toni his mother is staying there with him. so we have helen and abi here for the night.those are his sisters tonis other two children. im hopeing he will be ok. its not a good thing to have apendasidus.he is in alot of pain which is something that is normal in that.hes embaressed becuase he has to be nude when they do it.hes had stomack acks the past month or so but those they atributed to gas since hes had it a while. today he was in alot of pain he couldnt sit and he couldnt move without almost crying. so toni took him to his doc she felt it sent them to get a cat scan and he has apendusidous. well i dont think it can tecnicaly be called that since it hasnt ruptored yet. but the docs are surprised it hasnt broke yet its so big.obviously the hole family is worried about him. poor kid i feel sorry hes in so much pain. but hes takeing it well. which im glad about.hell be in the hospital 2 days. and then he wont go to school for a while.

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