Tuesday, January 19, 2010


so bad news my fiance is still in a comma. he has swelling in his brain they think it has to do with scar tissue from when he had an anurism. they are going to have to do surgery. right now they are trying to keep fluid drained from his head.he has been moved to a differnt hospital and is in i.c.u. they think ones the swelling goes down hell wake up
please pray fro Stephen Matthews. pray he gets well quickly and wakes up quickly. pray he makes it through the surgery. i need as much prayer as i can get. i believe in the power of prayer. i believe it works more when more than one individual is praying for the same thing.i still believe god doesn't much care for his people but maybe with a bit of pestering which i think prayer is to him in a way hell react and preform a miracle.god is complicated maybe he does care but in ways doesnt maybe hes both loveing and not loveing i dont know but i hope with prayer he will preform this miracle and make stephen well. please pray for him all of you who belive in prayer. id aperciate it

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