Friday, January 15, 2010


so i got some real bad news. a friend of my fiance stephen emailed me. they told me he had his ect today and his heart stopped they got it beating again but now hes in a coma. im very worried about all this.i love im so much. he needs to be well. not just for my sake but for his as well. he needs to get better and be happy and be where he wants to be with whom he wants to be. he is a good man he deserves happiness. he deserves to be well and where he was to be doing what he wants to do not stuck in some hospital in a coma.i love him like iv loved no one else i need him so much. but the thing is if he and i shouldnt be together fine if he and i cant do this fine but he needs to be well he needs to be happy and where he wants to be doing what he wants to do.i love him enough to let him go if i must but the thing i want for him is him happy alive and happy and able to do things he wants to do with whom he wants to do it with. i pray for his well being i pray for him to wake up soon and be ok and be able to get well. PLEASE IF YOU BELIVE IN PRAYER PRAY THAT STEPHEN MATTHEWS WILL BE ALLRIGHT THAT HE WILL WAKE FROM THE COMA SOON AND BE FINE AND GET WELL QUICKLY.

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