Tuesday, January 26, 2010


i bought some stuff on etsy yesterday for my moms birthday. they are two bottle top pendants of elvis and one clay bead bracelet of elvis. i think shell like them. i also bought a indian head pendant for my sister toni's birthday. so she should like it. today my parents and i went out of town. dad had an eye doctors apointment for his new job and so mom and i went to some stores. i bought michael jackson this is it. my mom bought some baby clothes for my little neice scarlett she is growin so quickly, she bought some other things for her self as well.no news on stephen my fiance. i do hope hes allright and will wake up. do pray for him.he maybe a little messed up but hes human and a good man despite his faults. but thats all thats going on with me

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  1. Well, wish your mom and sis a happy birthday from me!