Sunday, January 10, 2010


read another great book. finished it yesterday. its been so cold and gloomy out iv been reading alot. anyway the book is a mystery book called murder in the mummies tomb. it is pretty good about some archiligists they dig up a tomb and when there looking in it they open the sarcogigus and there lays the body of a fellow arcioligist who is on there team. he has a knife in his chest the knife came from the tomb. they find the mummy on the floor. well a few other deaths happene before they catch the killer. none of the violence in the book is discribed much. the finding of the bodies isnt in graphic gory detail. its a good mystery book for kids and people who are into mystery but not into graphic detailed violence. it can be found on and on amazon as well. i liked it and am giveing it to my nephew for his birthday. i think this book is perfect for any mystery lover.

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  1. sounds like a great story! I may read it myself...what you've described sounds interesting...and you didn't give away too much.