Saturday, December 19, 2009


yesterday was my nieces first birthday. i remember a year ago how cold a slick it was outside and this year it was exactly the same. we had a little family part for her. we gave her presents and helped her unwrap them. she had this look on her face like why we doing this. she was tired and needed a nap. one her presents was a soft doll pillow. as soon as it was unwrapped she held it and squealed the lay down right on top of it. she knew what it was for. it was cute. my sister put some of her toys together while we were there. i enjoyed seeing all this. my niece is so cute and it was so adorable the way she looked at the presents and stuff.
as for today its been cold. i woke up this morning to snow on the ground. this is the first snow this year. its supposed to snow more this week. we just might end up with a white Christmas. i hope not cuse my grandfather is supposed to come over on Christmas eve. he lives 4 hours away so he has a long drive to get here. i don't want the roads bad and stuff so he cant come. it be the first Christmas with him here since i was tiny. christmas should be nice this year for me and my family.

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