Wednesday, December 16, 2009

dec 16 2009

so i heard from a guy i reveal and respect alot last night. hes haveing some problems going on with where he lives and all. i can elaborate cuse its not my place to say.anyway i was very happy to hear from him. i missed him so much. he tought me so much in life and its always good to hear from those you love alot how there doing. i have dedicded when i get my own place im getting a dog or cat and nameing it after him. i would a child but i dont want kids. i cant deal with kids. animals i can deal with kids i cant. animals are just fine for babies for me. my dog queenie shes turning 7 on christmas her back has been hurting her she has back and hip problems and if they get to bad well have to put her down cuse we cant alow her to be in pain but so far shes only a little acky. my littlest neice will be 1 friday we are all so excited about it how will she react and all that you know. kids grow up so fast. HOPE YOU ALL HAVE THE HAPPIEST OF HOLIDAYS

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