Tuesday, October 6, 2009

what im intrested in

iv been interested in the jack the ripper history. iv been researching it a lot. everything about the entire case interests me. i want to learn as much as i possibly can. i want to know everyone's theory's on who did it and why. iv been reading patricia cornwell portrait of a killer jack the ripper case closed. it is a good book. gives you lots of history about it. im currently writing a book based in victorian days from the eyes of a woman who lives near whitechapel im thinking of haveing her talk about the jack the ripper stuff. im totaly intrequied by the mystery of who he was. could it of been a woman even? it is a very intresting subject to read about.


  1. Are you interested in crime in general, or this specifically? I'm asking 'cause my son Taylor (17) wants to be a criminal pathologist....it sounds fascinating!
    Good luck with your research!

  2. im into alot of differnt crime things i watch court tv and a and e all the time but right now im into jack the ripper