Monday, October 5, 2009

is anyone else geting tired of this

ok patrick swayze just died bu the news doesnt have much about him. its still all michael jackson. i mean michael jackson has been dead since june we should stop focusing on him now. he was a has been now patrick swayze had his own show that was new. i know patrick swayze had pancriotic cancer but still his death should be reported on a little more than it is being reported on. at that they never said much about farah fausit or ed mcman's deaths they both died just before michael jackson did and when he died they made this huge deal over it. they are still makeing a big deal over it. im sory but its time to put mj's death away as old news and go to the patrick swayzes and report some stuff on that. heck if they want to keep going on old news do stuff about farah faustit or ed mcman. i mean for goodness sakes get over the michael jackson being dead already. i dont agree with the poperaziy and the tabloids being all oh my gosh and stalks stars but i cant stop that. i just wish they would stop going crazy about mj and move on to another thing. talk about any other celebrity just leave michael jackson in his grave to rest already

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