Thursday, October 8, 2009

i made a new blog

i made a new blog it is a cool facts blog. i put differnt facts in there about differnt things. of coarse if anyone wanted a certain fact put on there they can always email me
but i think it is a cool little blog. any of my followers really should check it out

on another subject it is a cold and rainy day here in missouri. we have chances of flash floods around here. it rained all night last night and so far has rained heavily all day. it should rain all tonight and most the next day according to the weather. never know though. the house is very cool feeling and dark today. all cuse the cool and gloomyness of outside. we dont have the heat on cuse its not that cold but if it gets cold enough we sure will have it on.


  1. Yeah, a lot of people are talking about all this gloomy rain. Not a good sign of the winter to come...I'm sure. One inch of rain = 12 inches of that awful white stuff!

  2. hey cheers for commenting on ma blog!! not long in from work and a bit toooooo drunk to make much sense of stuff right now!! ha ha
    will check out your blog soon, i promise
    cheers andy c x