Sunday, October 25, 2009

october 25 2009

i went to a pumpkin patch this afternoon with both my sisters my mom and all four of my nieces and nephews plus my sister honors husband. it was fun we went on a hay ride and we walked through a corn maze. then when getting back in the hay ride to go back jj fell he slipped in mud and fell. jj is honors husband. then i fell right after him. once we got to the area to get off jj fell three more times. he fell as soon as he got off, then he got up and down he went again, then up then down, then up then down. then up and finaly got up the hill.luckily nether jj nor i were holding the baby when we fell. i bruised my ankle and hurt my back when i fell. but thats what i get for wearing dress shoes with slick souls in a muddy pumpkin patch. jj probably bruised himself to but he was wearing flip flops in a muddy pumpkin patch so we got what we deserved. no one else fell so that was good. especially not mom she was holding the baby plus she has osteoprosis so if she would of fallen that would of been bad. everyone else were wearing shoes with grips in them. i had to throw my shoes away when i fell . oh well that pair was falling apart anyway. besides for the falling incident everything went well. we bought three small pumpkins two the kids decorated and paid four dollars for. the other one cost 10 bucks cuse it was 25 pounds. my sister is gonna carve that one. so i havent been blogging the past few days or really reading the blogs i follow iv been to busy watching movies and chatting. iv been chatting less as well. movies have gotten my intrest again. see i go through spurts of oh crafty crafty crafty then loose intrest then read read read then loose intrest then watch movies movies movies then loose intrest. then chat chat chat then not chat as much. i usualy chat at least once a day with someone but i used to be spending hours upon hours on chat. iv got over that for now and am into movies. iv got all four seasons of ghost whisperer and im currently watching season 1. well all is well. im a little sore but ill live.

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