Tuesday, October 20, 2009

so i have a etsy account again

im not selling stuff though. i had to make a new account to buy some pumpkin scented soap i wanted and some beads i wanted. i paid with paypal. silly thing wouldn't let me use my one email address than i mainly use. it said it was taken. then when i tried to see if i could find my screen name with that email addy it said it was disabled. so i don't know why it wouldn't let me use my gmail email account i ended up having to use my yahoo email address. now just ho hope i never get deleted from yahoo.i guess theirs a way to change email address's on my profile if i do. im gonna save money in my paypal account so i can buy some pumpkin scented lotion off the someones shop. iv seen a few people have it.im sure the people i bought the soap from are happy and then the people i bought the beads from must be happy i bought these items. now my paypal has to transfer the money to them. hopefully that wont take to long to do.

in other news i really want that stuff as soon as possible. i am hopeing to get people to go to my cool facts blog and follow it because i want people to know some cool facts iv found out. ill update my cool facts blog from time to time to.

also iv been makeing necklaces for a craft show in april in my town. i also am going to make some scented soap. and if i can find unscented lotion ill bottle it in little bottles and scent it to the scents of the soap and sell the soap and lotion together. iv been thinking i can try and concoct my own scents by mixing scents i have together. you know like mixed berry and rain scent to make berry rain. or something like that. i have a lot of scents i could make it smell like and a lot i could try and mix a little to make a nice different scent. of coarse i would only put certain scents together that i would think would smell nice together. im also thinking of makeing candles to sell at the craft fair. my sister has a lot of baby oatmeal that her daughter wont eat that shes thinking of making a kind of scrub out of. i think we can make alot of cool things for the craft show that people would buy.

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  1. Well, that sounds like a plan. I know how frustrating it can be when your email won't work with some sites...it's such a pain!

    Sounds like you've worked it out nicely tho.
    Good luck with the lovely pumpkin smells!