Monday, October 26, 2009

paypal ugg

ok i was about to overdraft by like 20 cents for something all becuase paypal had not taken the money out of my bank account when they said the check had cleared for the person i was buying something from the last time. i ordered something cuse theyd said it went through and i had checked about how much money i had and i thought i had enough. well i look at my account ever so often and i see now i have like 20 cents less that the thing i ordered is gonna cost. so i checked paypal and looked around to see why well apparently they had not taken the money out yet when they said they had. it had not been taken out about 4 days later after they said it had been. so now im gonna have to go to the bank and put in a small amount of money in the morning before i over draft about 20 cents and get charged a fee. i mean i think the bank would of paid the over draft cuse its 20 wopping cents. the thing is they would charge a fee higher than 20 cents theyd probably charge 10 to 20 dollars for it. so iv got a little money 5 dollars to exact so i will put that in the bank tomorrow before i overdraft. so that it will go through that day and i will have enough to pay for the item.
in other news i got two of the items i had ordered. used one of them right away. i had been waiting anxiously for it and when i got it a made a cool necklace and bracelet out of the beads. a nice little set . so anyway itll be ok cuse the money doesnt go through for another two three days for the one item so im putting this 5 dollars in it will be ok to do and it should go through before the next day. thank god i checked my bank account online today. im glad i do that from time to time and i also check my paypal from time to time to make sure no one is trying to take my money. i mean there isnt that much money in there i only keep a max of 30 but you know i like to be safe. it was say about a week since id checked my bank online i had only just ordered the beads thinking i had enough. well its fine everything will be fine. anyway im pretty sore today since falling outside yesterday. my back really is stiff and sore. i bruise a muscle i guess. plus my ankle hurts it just got a little bit of a bump on it no big deal. i can walk and move it just hurts a bit. if i sit to long and then stand up oh it hurts my back. or if i stand to long and sit it hurts my back alot or if i lie down then get up it hurts my back. i cant stay in one possition to long without my back hurting. but its allright. its just a bruised muscle or bone.

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