Saturday, October 10, 2009


i do wish i would have more followers if i did i would put on here the monthly necklace giveaway i want to do. all you would have to do is put on comments your email address so i could tell you if you won and to send a self addressed stamped envelope to my address so i could send the necklace.or they could give me there address and send me the shipping and handling costs. i make lots of necklaces and i would love to give them away so people could use them as gifts for people or something. i don't really care if i never make money off them it just helps me get my anxiety out to make them. it also keeps me busy and gives me something to do. so do tell me do you think this is a good idea to do? if you do and you know of people who might be interested in i guess your call it competing for it do tell them my plan on doing this and give them my blog sight address. it will be this blog i do it on if i get enough followers. i want at least 30 followers before i do it. this way im not always sending it to the same people you know. and even if i end up just sending it to a person who isn't a follower but visits different blogs from time to time and they decided to visit mine and see if they could win the necklace i could do that. obviously once that necklace had a winner chosen for it i would email the winner and tell them to send the self addressed stamped envelope to my address and send it to them but i would also deleted that little post for it on my blog. so what do you guys think? is this a good idea to try and do to get rid of my necklaces and give me reason to make them?im hoping for more to be in the states or canada or england or some english speaking country. if they are from places outside the states i would like them to send me the money though so i can ship it.

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