Saturday, October 10, 2009

have you heard of this guy

who makes works of art out of average recyclable trash he has made floor tiles from soda cans he has a made a lamps from the little taps from cans. he has made a chair from bottle tops. he has made a lot of other things. like hes made tall little modal buildings out of old dominos and out of cans and other things. he made a chest to put stuff in out of old match sticks. this all sounds really cool to me. apparently some of his art has sold for 5 thousand u.s dollars easily. he used to do this as a hobby but now he does this as a job. he has a lot of collectors for his items now. he apparently will go to different places like flea markets and will buy things that people are trying to get rid of that look usable but aren't in good shape and he will go dumpster diving for some of the stuff he uses and he goes to recycle places and will buy some of the stuff off them. i saw some of his work on Ripley's believe it or not and wow they look totally cool. if you know how to make such things or would like to try and make different things from recyclable items id say go for it. after you make some of it if your not gonna sell it for real expensive drop me a line id be intrested in seeing a picture of it


  1. Yeah, I love that stuff. I think if you've got real talent, you can make just about anything...out of anything. And what better than other people's trash???