Sunday, October 11, 2009

all the people with etsy accounts

iv had an etsy account before but never sold anything. i make necklaces on string with differnt types of beads. i got rid of my etsy account cuse i wasnt selling anything. do you think i should try again? if so how do you get your stuff to sell on etsy? i never got anyone to look at my stuff.iv been thinking of makeing a monthly give away or possibly selling them on my blog but i dont have enough followers yet. if i gave them away i would like from u.s.a people a self addressed stamped envelope sent to my house so i could send the necklace.if they were in some other country id like them to send me the shipping and handling cost via mail. or i pay do paypal if i can figuer out how. my problem is i dont know if i should do that or go back to etsy. if i go back to etsy i need to find out how to get traffic to my shop. i want to get rid of these necklaces to people outside my little town. the places i donate them to are ok and all but my stuff is only around this dinky little town. id like to get them around other places than my town. so help me out people. should i go back to etsy? how would i get traffic to my shop if i do this again? i tried everything i was told to do before including make this blog but it didnt do any good. so please i need advice what should i do. i mean id be fine giveing them away on here for the shipping and handling price but i need more followers to do that? im so confused please give me your ideas on what i should do. thanks


  1. I'm sorry, sweetie...I know NOTHING about Etsy...hopefully someone else will have some answers. Maybe photos may help??

  2. I have had an etsy account for a year or so and have sold a grand total of two things from the store, one to someone who read my blog. You have to be a super marketer or have a following outside of etsy in order to be able to get it to work, as far as I can tell.

  3. thanks art. so art how do you sell some of the things you make. or do you. i mean do you sell them straight from your blog? when did you begin to sell things if you do? do you use paypal and how does one get money into paypal from sites like this. i mean i know other sites can do it for you someone you know add it to your account and i know how to spend from my pay pal account but i wouldnt know how to get money into it from selling on my blog. when if you do sell stuff on you site did you start doing so? how many followers did you have when you decided to?