Friday, November 18, 2011


well its almost thanksgiveing and there have been a few things going on so got to talk about them. in st louis a couple days ago a little boy who was 1 years old was reported missing by his mother. the police suspected she had done something but then there was a report of a suspicious white male carrying a baby in a blue blanket and he seemed nervous. this was about half a mile from the woman's house. obviously the cops thought then that this was really a kidnapping and put out a all point buliten for the kid and the description of the guy. anyway later that night they found the womans baby boy in a park badly beaten to death. they asked the family questions and the mother admitted to doing it. they gave up searching for the white male becuase she admited to it and there were no other babies reported missing in the area. so it easly could of been the dad of the kid and the kid was just crying and it made him nervous. that kind of stuff happens. anyway i felt sad for a while thinking how that baby was killed and how he was innocent and couldnt do anything to deserve that. made me mad at his mother. anyway in better news i got a phillips wake up light free from in a product test. iv looked up how much they cost at stores and that is $99. i got it completly free as a product test and do not have to return it. unfortunately it was very difficult to set up. we can not figure out how to do the radio and we did exactly as the instructions said and it didnt work. the wording in the directions was complicated on every part of it. we got it all set up and everything else worked but it was difficult. it actualy from all the directions seems a little unsafe. it gets really hot so you cant touch it when the light is on and you cant have it near anything flamable. so kinda makes me think that once its released on the market it wont be out long before a recall for something happening with it. other stuff i will be getting soon is 1 survey for body lotion from, 1 survey on dogfood from my 1 survey on dog food from and 1 product test on dog food from yeah we are deffintly going to get a lot of dog food. the bzzagent and the my survey should be here just after thanksgiveing. merry christmas to my dog shes gonna have lots of dog food is all i can say. she is the type of dog whod eat till she puked and eat some more if you gave it to her. we wont be doing that but im sure shell be happy with the new different flavored food. of coarse after so long well probably give some to our neighbor he has 3 dogs. im sure he can use some free dog food. our thanksgiveing here should be nice my sisters there kids and my grandpa are going to be here with mom dad and me. both my sisters will do the cooking besides for the turkey that dad and me will do. we have no had grandpa lex here for a holiday since i was a little kid. he will be 80 in February and he has Alzheimer. i dont think we will have him much longer so i am glad we will have thanksgiveing holiday with him. also in december my youngest niece turns 3 and my youngest nephew turns 1. he is the others baby brother and if he was born 2 days later they would be exactly 2 years apart. there mother my sister also has her birthday on december first.

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