Saturday, November 26, 2011


i had a good day today. my sister tonis three kids were here for a long time. helen, jacobus and abi are there names. jacobus, abi and i all played on the wii just dance for a bit. we took turns becuase we only have 2 remotes. i enjoyed that. then later all three of them and i decorated the christmas tree. helen did the gralin and she helped with the ornaments and bows. it looks really good even though we put the garlin on after we had done the ornaments. then jacobusand i wrapped helens christmas presents together in my room. after we had wraped hers helen came in and helped us wrap abis, dads, grandpas, scarlet, and nickys. nickys was very complicated and im glad helen and jacobus did the harder ones to wrap because id of lost it trying to. see for nicky i got this little bat and ball toy. the bat is attached to this teeball thing on a base. the ball is attached to. you hit the ball with the tiny bat and it spins around and it makes noise. it is made for little kids nickys age. it is very awkwardly shaped and it took helen half an hour to do it. jacbous wrapped the little baby guitar for him. its this guitar that you push a button to turn it on then you put your little hand in a hole and it plays music. its very cute but also a awkward shape. i wrapped his little pull with him phone that makes noise. it is very cute. it took us a long while to get it all wrapped but we got it done. ill admit the wrapping is not the best but it is better than it could of been. we then ate pizza and we used napkins to blot alot of the grease off what we ate. you would be surprised about how much grease was on each piece. its actually kinda gross. then jacobus and abi went and played wii again and helen and i talked. she finaly watched interview with the vampire the movie and she said it was pretty good. i was telling her about the books and she said shell definitely have to borrow them sometime. we talked about how i was the weird kid who read interview with the vampire the book at age 6 and teachers would quizz me on stuff like that on book reading days because they thought i couldn't really read it. i showed her some pictures iv found online that i like that people made from the movie. anyway today was really pretty good. i hope all of you have had nice days to

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