Monday, October 17, 2011


for those of you with etsy accounts do not buy from the seller howardshome. this seller is unreasonable and unfair. i contacted them when i had ordered something to be sure it was flavored as they said and did not have fragrence oil instead of flavor. they said it was flavored and all was ok. then they cancled my order and gave paypal the reasoning of i had not paid them. it had not yet been 3-5 days so the payment had yet gone through. i contacted the seller are told them this. they gave me the feedback of not makeing sense haveing a bad track record not being happy with my payment not going through quickly and that i would unfairly feedback them and saying i didnt pay. i have a good track record. i have only been negatively feedbacked by 1 other seller besides her over the 60 or more times i have bought from people. i have given neautrals and negatives to a few people and they still gave me positives as if saying i was right to give it to them. i contacted this seller about her feedback and said they were being unfair and if they were to look at my history they would see i do not have a bad buying history. i told them i had contacted them and told them it takes 3-5 days for paypal to go through when paypal gave me an email with them cancleing my order with the reasoning i did not pay. they contacted and said they were going to contact etsy and report abuse on me. this is seriously wrong. The seller HOWARDSHOME IS AN UNREASONABLE UNFAIR SELLER ON ETSY. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

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