Monday, November 28, 2011


my sister toni called asking us if we had ben in her house. she said there were things in her two daughters room moved and stuff in her sons and her room moved to. we said no. she asked the manager if they had seen anyone walking around the apartments cuse she was gonna call the cops cuse someone had been in her apartment. the manager says oh that was inspection people for the apartments they were fixing stuff broke while they were in there. the manager hadnt even been in there with them nor had known till they came and gave her a work order for different things in tonis apartment the maintenance man had to do. they had given no notice to toni to tell her they were gonna go there. they also searched her apartment to see if there were any code violations and put on the work order they gave the manager that toni had to clean her bathtub, take plastic off all her windows in all the rooms, that all the rooms were to cluttered and needed to be cleaned. so there is illegal search because they had no search warrent. cops cant do that without a search warrent so why should the inspectors be able to? helen and abis closet was actually rummaged through? aprently the closet needed fixing but um why rummage through the stuff? toni thinks a necklace was stolen. she swears she had it on a dresser in her room. its not there now. they obviously went in her room cuse they said all rooms are cluttered and all rooms windows have the plastic on them. so then if it had been on tonis dresser and now its gone then that means it was stolen by them. my sister just seems scared to go to the cops cuse she thinks the apartment people will kick her out. uh if they do shell just have to go to a lawyer and show evidence of a police report against the apartment building and what it was about and then her being evicted not long later and the proof of her rent being paid. see how quick shell have a lawsuit on there ass's and get bunches of money. i mean like hundreds of thousands of dollars. so i really hope she goes to the cops. this was totaly wrong of the aprtment building people to do. i mean what if say jacobus whose 15 was sick and was home alone for a few hours. say he stabbed one and killed one with this pocket knife he has. i mean um the inspectors be asking for it by not informing anyone of them coming and just walking in. it be him protecting his home and property against intruders. do you serisously think if a prosicuter put him on trail for murder any jury convict him? i dont think so a jury be like uh they had no notice no warning he had the right to protect his home and himself from an intruder by stabbing one or even shooting them if he had a gun. seriously if the people keep doing this that is what is going to happen i garentee you someone will shoot or stab an inspector when they come in without notice. my sister honorand her husband sleep during the day cuse they work nights.they live in the same aprtment buildings and have two small children. jj is a 6 foot 4 inch tall football player built man. they tend to keep a bat or a hammer or something heavy near the bed when sleeping. seriously he could easly if they came in kill one of them by hitting um with that. so yeah i serisously hope my sister files charges

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