Thursday, June 16, 2011


today was a great day. my mom and i went driveing around with grandpa to places he used to live and places he used to pick up and put canoes in the river.he owned the koa which was a canoe rental and campground for years when i was a kid.anyway we drove around areas he used to pick up and put in the river the canoes and he said oh i remeber this and he knew how to drive around the area.also on a hill area he was like thats were i fell down the hill with a canoe on my head and hurt myself.i was amazed that he could remember that especialy being it wasnt a pleasant memory.then we drove through the campground he owned and he knew how to drive through and he even saw they still use the same canoes he owned when he owned the place cuse they have the name of his old business on them.uncle lex's canoe rental.yeah he was surprised to see that those suckers are still in use.we then drove to memrimac caverns which is a cave right off the merimac river.he saw all the new things around there and remembered that they werent there when he was in the canoe rental business.he remember what some old buildings looked like before that to.i can barely belive he remembers all that from all those years ago. i mean now he has dimentia and can hardly remember what he ate an hour him remembering this stuff from when i was little and even before i was born is amazing.after we drove all around we went and got mini blizards from dairy queen.he liked that.once i got home the mail came and i got the birthday present i was waiting for for dads birthday.its a bar of soap with a picture in it. the picture commemorates his navy has a eagle an american flag and a navy boat on the picture.he should like it.i really didnt know what to get him for his birthday this year and he had liked the bar soap i got toni for is the same type thing just a differnt picture all made by the same etsy seller. they are made by dugshop. anyway the seller says that the ink doesnt run when you use the soap but it will fade away as you use the its pretty cool to me.right now dugshop is on vaction somewhere and his shop on etsy isnt open but thats ok when it reopens you can bet ill be buying again from them.i plan on getting my sister toni a set of bar soap with each charecter from the show true blood in it.the one i got her for christmas was of sooki o im thinking of doing it with more charecters.if you buy on etsy you really need to check out dugshops shop when he comes back from his vacation and reopens it.

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