Sunday, November 21, 2010


Thanksgiving will be here soon and so will Christmas.i have not been writing on here much becuase there has not been much to sister has the c section scheduled for december 16th.we are happy that little Nicodemus is almost other sister who is my half sister is going through hell.her mother has cancer all over.she is dieing and quickly.she is in texas with her right now.her children are still here because she has a friend watching them.i dont think she should be gone as much as she is with this.i mean i know its her mom and she wants to be there with her.the thing is her kids are her responsibility.they still are under the age of 18 and depend on her.she should be around taking care of them.i am upset with her but in a way i understand.also i am upset and been trying to keep from crying all day about my neighbor nina.she used to babysit me when i was a kid.then when i got into my teens i was friends with her.we talked alot about all sorta of things.we just got the news she has cancer all over her body.she will die soon i guess.we have yet to tell my sisters.they will be sad by the this year has gone by so has brought many surprises and there will be many changes now next year.i also have just finished this book called the whitechapel murders the life and death of jack the is very good.i must of been reading it for an hour as i finished the last bit up of it.i could not put it down again it was getting so must read is a very good book for those who are into the jack the ripper is a book with diary entries from james maybrick his wife and other people.james maybrick they think was jack the ripper becuase of what he wrote in his diary.aprently this stuff is taken from real diary makes you think it really could be him.there is speculation the diary that is supposed to be james maybricks is not really his.that somone from now a days made it and had done alot of reasearch to get it to look authentic.if so it still is a wonderful read.i do think it is possibly true that James maybrick was jack the ripper.truely wonderful book it really makes you think about is a definite must read.


  1. Wow. That book on Jack the Ripper sounds like an interesting read.

    I'm sorry to hear so many have been so sick, sweetie. Try and go easy on your friend whose Mom is dying. She'll never get any more time with her mom and I'm sure she doesn't want to have any regrets. Hopefully, she'll have a lifetime with her own kids. It's a horrible choice to have to make.

  2. its not a friend its my sister but im being easy on her its just if she wants to be gone that long she needs to take them with her