Tuesday, October 19, 2010


so my mom went to Michigan on Sunday to see her brother.it is Tuesday here.she has called a couple times since.says shes doing well.it has been bitch fest 2010 from my dad.the sink is broke and hes having all sorta of trouble fixing it.somehow when the house was made over 50 years ago they messed up the plumbing for the sink.like they did the piping all wrong.dad is having a hell of a time doing it that way and making the sink work.yesterday i got some stuff i ordered from etsy.i ordered 3 sticks of solid cologne for my bro in law for Christmas.i also ordered 2 sticks of solid perfume and one tin of solid perfume for me.the one in the tin is named lestat .i am an Anne rice's vampire girl.so i just had to have it because its lestat scented man.yeah i haven't wrote to much lately i know.i really haven't been feeling like it though.iv only told some of the stuff going on to friends.one thing going on which is good is im totally in love with a man.he drives me crazy.it seems he always manages to make me smile.i am not a big smiley girl even when im happy.so him making me smile alot is a big deal.i feel like id be one hell of a lucky woman if i were his girlfriend.hes just so wonderful.i mean i cant stop thinking about him.ill be doing something and all of a sudden my mind wonders off and starts thinking about him.i dont even try to it just happens.i swear Matthew is something else.i call him mat for short.i cant even describe the way i feel about him let alone what a good guy he is.all i can say is he is almost angelic.i mean hes no angel because he has his flaws.im not putting him down i am just being realistic.he is human and every human has some flaws.he is just so damn close to perfect to me.at least perfect for a girl like me.some women may deem him not to good for them though.i am not them so i cant say why they would though.time is almost here and little Nicodemus will be born.yeah thats the new baby my sister is having. i am going to be an aunt to 5 kids. 3 girls and 2 boys i am going to be the good old aunt of.the oldest neice is in 10th grade this year.i can hardly believe shes old enough to be in that grade.before long shell be 18 and out of school and out of her moms house.i tell you time flies by so quickly.anyway i hope all my readers are doing well take care

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  1. Oh, honey! I'm so happy for you...you're in looooove!

    You sound like you're at that lovely stage when your stomach does those little flips whenever you think about him or see him.

    Lucky you! I'm so glad!