Friday, July 23, 2010


i really havent felt like writeing in this to much lately.i also havent had much to write about.well on wendsday which was the 21rst i turned 25.we had celebrated my birthday the sumday eldist sister gave me 20 dollars to spend on whatever i wanted wherever i wanted to spend it.i already spent it other sister gave me pumpkin scented bar soap and hot coco scented body wash and lotion.those are my two fav scents in soaps.i stock up on those scents when i find them.i use them when i feel stressed or just want to use it so mom gave me two jack the ripper books and 7 or 8 dollars worth of scratch offs.i won 5 bucks on one scratch off.i really havent been reading to much lately.i guess its cuse its warmer weather and theres more to do than just the winter i like to read more.anyway i got what i had wanted.i hope you all are doing well and have a great weekend this weekend

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