Friday, April 9, 2010


got my niece her birthday presents shell be 7 june 30th. i found them all at the dollar tree in the city.i got her three little magic kit things,1 shrek poster and 1 little shark you put in water and it grows.for the oldest niece i got a book from the dollar tree for her birthday and some kiwi scented body wash and lotion. shell be 15 august 3rd.i got myself a bunch of stuff as well.i love the dollars tree in the city it has alot of things that are real good for mom got some socks for the littlest niece and she got herself some soap and lotion. i did the same for got a box of multi flavored dog briskets for the dog. shell like that.she also got 8 boxes for 1 dollar a piece of cheese burgers.she got alot of other things as well.i got myself a bunch of differnt flavored lip balms. they had a bunch of ones that are hard to find so i got them.i use lip balm more than once in a day. it keeps my lips from going chap. i also use the chocolate ones when im craving chocolate just put that on my lips and from time to time lick my lips it takes the craving away.but today was a great day although the traffic was horrible on the highway. they were doing construction all the way from our town up to the was ridiculous. especially since alot of the areas they were doing work on they had just done work on not long ago and completed.there was no way those areas needed more work done on took like an hour longer to get where we were going than it would of because of the construction.

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