Monday, April 12, 2010


went to the park today with my nephew my 6 to be 7 year old niece and the 16 month old niece plus my mom and sister.the older two played all over the place and enjoyed themselves on the equipment and stuff.the littlest played in the sand. theres this tunnel in the sand box area that the kids can walk through. she kept walking through it and stopping in the middle of it and yelling. i guess she liked the eco.she got tired so we decided wed better go. when we were going home we went and got ice cream with the kids. the 16 month old through a hissy fit. as soon as we had put her in the car she started screaming. she didnt wanna as we sat at the drive through getting ice cream she screamed and screamed and screamed.but we just let her through it.once we got her home she quit screaming and my sister went in with her and then my mom and i went home. the other two we had dropped off at there house it was a nice day

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