Wednesday, April 28, 2010


so last night i found three cavitys in my mouth.two of the teeth are on one side one is on top one is on bottom then the third is on the otherside on bottom.there not bad they dont hurt but its best to get this taken care of before its to late and they need thinking im gonna have to do them at separate times. the two on one side i hope to do next month and the next one in june.i dont have alot of money and so its hard to afford to get my teeth fixed.i hope he gives me a disont like he did last year and the year before. last year i got a tooth filled and the year before i got one pulled. it had broke real bad a few months before and id tried to save as much money to get it fixed but by the time i had the money it wasnt fixable it needed was ether pull it or root canal i didnt have money for root canal so i got it pulled.the one last year broke a little from a cavity and it was fixable.these three havent broke i just feel the holes in the teeth.there not bad though so itll be ok.ill just be broke for a long time.ill probably end up haveing to make payments you know what i mean not pay all at once just pay over time.i hope there not to bad and that i can get at least the two on one side fixed this month and the other in june.i just hope that it doesnt get worse by then.

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