Thursday, April 22, 2010


got some good news. my sister honor is pregnant with baby number hopeing its a boy so i can finally say nieces and nephews instead of nieces and nephew.if its a girl thats ok to. i just hope its healthy.i am happy to know ill be an aunt again. i know my sister is broke but she will manage with one more child.her food stamps will be raised and shell have wic for a while. the wic will help her get baby formula when its itty bitty and baby food when it gets older.thats good for her to do and for them to give her for the baby.she is saveing her money from every check her husband brings home so they can get a new crib for the baby. the old crib my sisters daughter used she had to get rid of because it started falling apart.she didnt want scarlet in it becuase of that and she doesnt want another baby in it. scarlet is bigger and has her own toddler bed now.well hopefuly all goes well and we end up with a healthy little one. she still has to get it all confirmed by a doctor sure shes right and theres a new little one comeing in the family after all two home pregnancy tests said so

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