Sunday, April 18, 2010


went to parena farms today.its a little park mainly for kids.there are alot of animals you get to see and pet.there are also dog shows you can watch and if your there at right time you get to help milk a cow.the person whose doing the milking lets some kids milk her for a second then let the next kid do it. then when theres no more kids they put those suction things on the cow and milk her.its a pretty neat thing to watch and get to learn about the animal to.there is this little machine type thing for kids to play with. it makes it seem like there makeing dog food.the people who work there are very friendly they teach you alot of things about the animals while they do things with them.there is a play area upstairs in a barn type area. there is a maze of tunnles kids can go through and there are ropes they can swing on and there are sandboxes full of corn they can play with.little kids seem to enjoy the place.not really little ones they just dont get it but i mean kids who are like 3 and up seem to enjoy it.older kids like it to cuse they get to see animal shows and pet animals. they dont really like th play area anymore nor do they like that play machine but the being able to pet animals is fun for sisters my 3 neices 1 nephew my dad mom my sisters husband and me all was a really nice day to do this.i enjoyed seeing the animals do there tricks and seeing the cow get milked and i enjoyed petting the animals i could.everyone enjoyed themselves and it was great day outside to so this sunday we had fun and it was all free.

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  1. Wow...sounds like you guys had a great day! That place sounds like lots of fun...and the kids would learn something at the same time. Glad you enjoyed yourself!