Friday, April 16, 2010


so i got a message from a seller on etsy she is giveing free samples of a new scent of soap and lotion. she didnt say the scent and she said i will ether get the soap or the lotion as a sample.iv bought from her more than once. she said shes giveing all her repeat buyers a sample of it and asked if i would like a free sample. she is not even chargeing shipping its completly free.i said yeah and she asked for my address and i gave it to her. she said it will be in the mail on monday.i know why shes doing it. becuase she figuers if her repeat buyers like the scent theyll buy from her again and might even recomend her becuase of that scent to other people. i think its a nice way to get sure she wont be giveing hardly any of the product but hey free is free.ill use the little amount i get its nice to be getting it simply because iv bought from this seller more than once.i think i will buy from her again in the futor.also another seller is sending me a sample of something becuase i wasnt completly satisfied with the lotion i bought from her.she said shed send me a sample of something if i would do the kiss and make up thing.i was like only given her a netural thing.i figuer if shes willing to give a sample of her product to make me happy and let me keep my stuff she is a good seller as well.this seller is LoveLeeSoaps if anyone would like to look at her stuff.i think she is a good seller becuase she wants to do that to make her customer satisfied not many sellers would do that. so to me that makes a very good seller.i recomend you use her. you might be completly satisfied by the product you buy from her but ether way you will be satisfied of her commitment to her buyers

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