Tuesday, March 2, 2010


so im anoyed at paypal. they had said the put 60 dollars into my bank account after i admit transmited it from paypal to my bank.no they hadnt and so i ordered something and it went through. i overdrafted on my bank account and would of had to pay 95 dollars if paypal hadnt put the 60 dollars in yesterday the 60 dollars they had said they put in 5 days earlyer.so i still had to pay 35 dollars because i had had an overdraft fee of 50 dollars plus the money to pay for the itom so the 60 dollars took care of the 50 dollars i had to pay in fees plus 10 dollars of the bill. so today i had to go pay the rest of the money.so yeah im mad at paypal for makeing me overdraft when they had emailed me and told me the 60 dollars had been put in my bank account.i wouldnt of ordered stuff if they hadnt of done that.next time im checking my bank account to be sure its in there

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